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Get paid for surfing ads,watching viedos,playing games .we offer luxourious advertising platform for advertiser and members.

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About Virta Clix Media

Virta Clix Media is a luxourious advertising platform, which share profit from ads among active advertisers. You can cooperate with us using different methods presented on website, starting from purchasing ad packs and ending on building your referrals. If you are seeking a way to earn money online and looking to get more leads and more conversions simultaneously then Virta Clix Media is the best solution.

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Members Benefits

Relaxed Atmoshphere for members.
Simple easy start-up to Online Earnings!

  • AdPacks range in price from $5 to the Maximum $50
  • We share up to 150% on AdPack purchases
  • Earn up to .0.02 per Cashlink click & .05 per Referral click
  • No upgrading required .all members are standard members.
  • Referral commissions 10%
  • Fast Payouts from a Reliable Supportive Admin

Advertiser Benefits

The Absolute Newest to virtaclix media offers many ways to have your Ads seen in the Revolutionary Back Office with Top of the Line Features which include

  • Cash & Surf links
  • upto 100% deposit bonus and 15 days money back gurantee.
  • eTraffic Exchange & Start Pages
  • Login Ads & CPA
  • Combination Advertising Credits with Rev Share AdPack
  • Cash Back from Your Rev Share AdPack Purchase
Passion leads to design, design leads to performance,
performance leads to success! virtaclix team


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